Environmentally Friendly

We’re a small business but always do our bit for the environment:

  • Updated our Vehicles to Euro6 to lessen the emissions.
  • Replaced our wood chippers from diesel to petrol.
  • Our stump grinding machines are petrol-powered.
  • Our chainsaws are petrol-powered. As technology improves, we aim to switch to electric-powered chainsaws.
  • We purchase high-quality tyres for all our vehicles to last longer and avoid the need to purchase cheaper, additional tyres for the same duration of use.
  • We only use industry-recommended biodegradable chainsaw oil.


  • We use the most suitable vehicle and equipment task-specific.
  • Appropriate machinery usage to minimise both fuel and noise levels.
  • Flexible usage of machinery during tasks when needed.
  • Public transport including the tube, bus and cycling are a method of transport used daily by our team to minimise unnecessary traffic and pollution within the city.
  • We only produce green waste including woodchip and logs.
  • All waste is safely and locally recycled in allotments, schools, kids adventure playgrounds etc. as local to the job of the day as possible.
  • We’ll continue to look for ways to improve our bit towards the day to day city life, its occupants and the environment.