Tree Care

We are building an excellent reputation in the tree maintenance and pruning side of tree surgery throughout NW, N, E and Central London.

We work in and around London, we specialise in jobs that need extra care such as working in proximity to or on top of buildings, roofs, conservatories, greenhouses, broadband and telephone cables, pedestrians, vehicles etc.

We specialise in:

  • Dead Wooding: Removing decayed/hazardous branches throughout the crown of the tree.
  • Crown Thinning: Pruning by removing selective branches to increase the level of light and air through the crown.
  • Crown Lifting: Removing lower branches to provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, buildings.
  • Crown Reduction: Pruning the tree to reduce the size of the crown using industry approved techniques.
  • Pruning: pruning to strong growth to contribute to a healthy crown, flower and crop.
  • Pollarding: Removing new growth back to previous.

All our work is carried out to British Standard 3998 (1989 Recommendations for tree work).

All green waste will be taken away. Unless arranged otherwise with client.