Tree Removal

We are building an excellent reputation in the Tree Felling and Removal side of tree surgery throughout NW, N, E and Central London.

Working in and around London, we specialise in jobs that need extra care such as working in proximity to or on top of buildings, roofs, conservatories, greenhouses, broadband and telephone cables, pedestrians, vehicles etc.

We specialise in:

Tree Felling

Safely felling the tree using industry-approved techniques and equipment, for the following:

  • To clear a designated area of trees to allow for planned projects to begin
  • Widening the gap between a group of trees to allow the remaining trees to grow healthier
  • Allow more light and air through their crowns as well as choosing between species better suited for that particular area.

Knowing and understanding the species, their current health, size, growth rate, amount and future maintenance required, etc.

Tree Removal

We dismantle the tree in sections using specialist rigging equipment.

Usually dealing with trees in tight spaces, that are causing damage to property, too large for the space they are in, fallen, uprooted, and windblown, as well as DDD (Dead, Dying and Dangerous trees).

All our work is carried out to British Standard 3998 (1989 Recommendations for tree work).

All green waste will be taken away unless previously arranged with the client.